[ Gao 高升 ] Vintage

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 [ Gao 高升 ] Vintage was inspired and named after a bridge in Chengdu, China, that connects us to streets that sells antiques, tree-nut bracelets, war medals, coins and many more vintage collectables.

Vintage is a bike designed for casual activities and daily commutes on city roads. Cruise through your city with Vintage: the new old, the new cool.


  • Single Speed / Shimano 7 Speeds / Shimano Alfine 8 Internal Gear Hub
  • Aluminum Handle Bar
  • Australia Leather Seat
  • 700c Aluminium Rim
  • LASCO v45T Chain Wheel
  • Cr-Mo Stell Fork
  • Radius Brakes
  • Dia-Compe Brakes

Dimensions for Rider Fitting

  1. Height
  2. Body (Chest to Foot)
  3. Leg (Hips to Foot)
  4. Thigh (Hips to Knee)
  5. Arms (Armpits to Middle of Palm)
  6. Shoulder Widths

Bamboo bike rider fitting diagram

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