Ingenious is an explorer and artist who loves to discover the uniqueness of this city. He goes to places that most people forget, and his creativity reminds us to keep dreaming!

Ingenious is a city bike ideal for casual activities and daily commutes on city roads. This is the perfect bike for teenagers and adults who have an eye for art and style


  • Shimano Internal Gear Hub 3 Speed
  • Carbon Fiber Fork 
  • Simple Bikes Leather Handle Grip 
  • LASCO v45T Chain Wheel 
  • 451 Aluminium Rim 
  • Radius Brakes 
  • Dove Bell

Dimensions for Rider Fitting

  1. Height
  2. Body (Chest to Foot)
  3. Leg (Hips to Foot)
  4. Thigh (Hips to Knee)
  5. Arms (Armpits to Middle of Palm)
  6. Shoulder Widths

Bamboo bike rider fitting diagram

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