Cruiser is the pioneer, an innovation of classic charm and practicality. As the archetype for all Simple Bikes, Cruiser is where style and functionality intersect; an unrivalled bicycle for all your daily activities, ensuring that every ride through the city is bliss. Subtle beauty and utilitarian excellence, what more could you ask for in a bike than the Cruiser?


  • Single Speed / Shimano Internal Gear Hub 3 Speed
  • Aluminum Handle Bar
  • PU Saddle
  • 700c Aluminium Rim
  • Hollow Crankset
  • Radius Brakes

Dimensions for Rider Fitting

  1. Height
  2. Body (Chest to Foot)
  3. Leg (Hips to Foot)
  4. Thigh (Hips to Knee)
  5. Arms (Armpits to Middle of Palm)
  6. Shoulder Widths

Bamboo bike rider fitting diagram

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