BMX 24

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BMX 24 is Simple Bikes latest 24" BMX with every feature BMX promises. Made to conquer any trails, races and stunts with beauty and streamlined design. Bringing bamboo bikes to the whole new level.

Engineered for achievement, Simple Bike’s BMX 24 is perfect for racing across rugged terrains, as well astounding spectators with jumps and stunts.  The pinnacle of endurance and speed, the BMX 24 will overcome every challenge on the path of victory.


  • FIST Bike Co. (Taiwan) Fork & Stem
  • Alienation (American) 24 inch Blacksheep Wheelset
  • Kunteng (Taiwan) BMX Racing Bearings
  • Schwalbe CRAZY BOB 24inch BMX Tyres & Tube
  • Shimano Cranks Set, Chain, Crow BMX Handler Bar
  • Shimano XT brake/BL-T4000

Dimensions for Rider Fitting

  1. Height
  2. Body (Chest to Foot)
  3. Leg (Hips to Foot)
  4. Thigh (Hips to Knee)
  5. Arms (Armpits to Middle of Palm)
  6. Shoulder Widths

Bamboo Bike rider fitting diagram

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