High Performance, Environmental And Social Responsible.


At Simple Bikes, we aim to be a large scale first mover of handmade bamboo bikes to the world. By creating a bamboo bike riding revolution, we can do our small part in helping the world move a step closer to achieve environmental sustainability.

Simple Bikes Bamboos

We will not be adopting machinery to maintain a human touch for high quality and performance in our bikes. This allow us to play our part to be social responsible by creating more job opportunities for bike craftsman.

Bike Craftsmen

Abu Ren


Putting Simple Bikes is a fun and meaningful process. I believe the effort and the passion we put into this hand-made product will be a success and everyone will be riding this lightweight, high-quality and eco-friendly bike.



Simple Bikes is a challenge of precision and art, we are always constantly asking ourselves and improving the strength and performance of the bike frame. At the same time, a touch of classic and retro design is what it makes the product stands out.



I love working with bamboo and knowing this is the material of the future. Simple bikes is a place where I can put my skills into practice.


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Simple Bikes 
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