Looking For The Best Bamboo Bike? Here Is The List Of 8 Things You Must Consider

Did you know that Bamboo bikes were first patented in England and was introduced to the general public on 26 April 1894? Unfortunately, due to the surge in the development and marketing to create a perception on stronger tougher metals, such as aluminum and steel, the buzz about the bamboo bikes went down. No doubt, the world turned its back on the bamboo bikes, but it would later come to it as the future of bicycles.

Bamboo provides a sense of amazement in terms of shape, touch and physical characteristics. The shape and curve of the bamboo is influenced by the environment it is grown in. Regardless of the environment and constraints, it will keep growing to reach out for more sun.

Here is a list of 8 Things You Must Consider Before You Buy Your Bamboo Bike

  1. Comfort: If comfort is really a big factor for you, then you need to take a shift from the usual aluminum bikes, they just do not come close to what these Eco-bicycles bring to the table. It would be very easy to assume that a bicycle made with bamboo will come the rider sacrificing a lot in terms of comfort and durability. The case is exactly the opposite, our bikes are even loved by kids. Beyond the usual standard, Simple Bikes brings a new definition of the word comfort. Simple Bikes are made to withstand the toughest conditions and most rugged places like Tibet Mountains and still offer great comfort due to the bamboo’s natural fibers that increases shock absorption.
  1. High Performance: Performance is key. Performance of the rider is made up of different factors including weight of the bike, a balance of stiffness and flexibility to give comfort and how well the bicycle parts perform. At Simple Bikes, we choose the quality and reasonable priced bicycle parts for newer riders with our bamboo frame. Achieving balance of stiffness and flexibility to give comfort, light-weight to reduce inertia and quality parts to get you up to speed. These, boosting your overall performance. check out our bamboo bike built for the mountains.

Bamboo bikes are fast

  1. ISO Certified and Non-DIY: Forget the noise about a bamboo bike kit, your safety is of utmost priority and you shouldn’t intentionally place your life at risk for DIY bamboo bikes. Bamboo is a relatively less accepted material in the market and bamboo bike tends to give the idea of snapping apart. Carbon fiber and bamboo bikes are both fibrous materials and both has the possibility of snapping. Why are people using carbon fiber more? Do you see DIY carbon fiber bikes in the market? Most bamboo bikes vendor are using DIY as a selling point, which might lead to poor workmanship and easy snapping. Think about assembling your car by yourself, that might sound like an interesting and fresh idea, but you could easily throw away such idea because possibility of errors that could be fatal. Simple Bikes ensure all frames built are according to our approved ISO standards and we only sell finished bamboo bikes and frames, so you have no worries about your safety.


  1. Custom-Made for You: Every rider has a unique need and a good bamboo bike maker should be able to meet such uniqueness. Unlike others we do not ship out one-solution-for-all bikes, we always want to know you and what’s different about you and make sure your bike meets those unique needs. When you place your order for your bike on our store. You should be 100% sure that what you will receive was never received by anyone else. Not only will you stand out among other, you bike will “speak your language”, go where you want to go and stay where you want to stay. If you want to rock the mountains, our Mountain Bamboo Bike has got your back. If you want to cruise-formula 1, we have you covered with our Road Bamboo Bike. You can even have your children follow your trail with their own bamboo bikes specially built for kids.

Custom made bamboo bike 

  1. Unique Design: When you buy a mainstream aluminum bike, not only can the man next door pull out same brand and probably from another factory production line, they hardly will qualify as good for collections. Simple Bikes pays great attention to both the inner beauty and on the exterior look and feel of the bike. Incepted in Tibet, born in Chengdu, China, we started off building our products to be infused with values: eco-friendliness, sincerity, culture and diversity. Our bikes are designed by highly talented bike designers Abu and Jake and each bike is tasked to a craftsman to build and signed off. We want all our bikes to be hand-made with passion and it will stay hand-made always. We even have a Unicycle, if you really want to stand out as high as possible.
  1. Wide Range of Bikes: We specialized in not only for the racing or lifestyle community but all. Women, men, BMX, triathletes, mountain bikers. At Simple Bikes, we understand the word diversity, so our engineers have factored this in our design and production process. We have created multiple type of frames which we can always produce the best fit bicycle for all. Take some time to shop with us, you will find your ride at Simple Bikes.



  1. Eco-Friendly: The best value of our bikes is the great benefits coming from something that grows naturally - technically, it's a grass. It's not a hi-tech carbon fiber bike which has actually been molded, split, glued, baked and also finished. Also, the joints are made from all-natural hemp fiber. We won’t be afraid of deforestation, huge carbon footprints. Bike sharing community might be contributing to massive carbon emission due to its manufacturing process, we are trying our part to reduce this and save the earth while you ride in style. 

Bamboo bikes for elon musk


  1. Reasonable Prices: Price is important, and it is a very important factor you want to consider. We offer the best prices for a bamboo bike. You don’t want to pay for something and later realize you are getting lesser value and you probably have even paid double. Our bikes are the best, not only in terms of quality, but pricing as well. You simply cannot go wrong choosing to buy from us. We bring you the best quality at the most reasonable price possible. Do a search online, compare the prices and the reviews received, you will know that you are getting a lot of bang of your buck.

Bamboo Bike Kit: Should You Get One?

As discussed earlier, getting a bamboo bike kit sound cool, but then it comes with a lot of disadvantage.

At Simple Bikes, we are not just a bike maker. We aim to create a bamboo bike revolution with all riders and new riders joining the community. Let’s make our streets greener with more bamboo bikes on the streets, events and races!