Built for Simple Bikes first appearance in Paris. Paris city bike embodies elegance from Elegant and the retro style of Vintage, making it the perfect fit for the city of romance. Equipped with a rattan basket to place your belongings and a fender to protect your stylish shirts and pretty dresses from getting stained. Stand out from local Velib and ride down the streets in any arrondissement with style and comfort.


  • Single Speed / Shimano Internal Gear Hub 3 Speed
  • Aluminum Handle Bar
  • Pu Cushion Saddle
  • 26" GIANT Aluminium Rim
  • LASCO v45T Chain Wheel
  • Radius Brakes
  • JD Tires
  • Handmade Rattan Basket
  • Bamboo Fender
  • Bamboo Chainguard
  • Copper Vintage Bell
  • Chrome Molybdenum Steel Fork

Dimensions for Rider Fitting

  1. Height
  2. Body (Chest to Foot)
  3. Leg (Hips to Foot)
  4. Thigh (Hips to Knee)
  5. Arms (Armpits to Middle of Palm)
  6. Shoulder Widths

Bamboo bike rider fitting diagram

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