Two Days Without a Signal

Two Days Without a Signal

May 13, 2016 0 Comments


Last couple of days, we were riding in a section where there is neither wifi nor even a cell signal. After over 200km of riding we arrived one of the highest county in the world, "Shi Qu".



12th May, we started off from Ma Ni Gan Ge to Guo Ying Mu Chang (89km), we switch from National Expressway G317 to S217. There is an obvious drop of traffic we didn't see much vehicles on S217. Road condition is absolutely fantastic with views of snow capped mountain, lakes, streams, yak herds. This place is the paradise for cyclist. We climbed so far the highest pass we have came across (Haizi 4685m).

On 13th May, riding from Guo Ying Mu Chang to Shi Qu is a long but pleasant trip. We were lucky to get quite a bit of tail wind and climbed two passes over 4000 meters (Lala pass 4430m, Lei Da pass 4229m). The last 22km, thankfully we had really heavy tail winds and climbing 80% of the road we able to keep a 40-45Km/h speed.

马尼干戈(3866m)-国营牧场(89km)-石渠(138km, 4200米),由国道317转到省道217,车流量明显的下降,整天的骑行过程中遇到的机动车辆屈指可数。骑行者的天堂,路况好到没朋友,一早的行程由与狗儿们较劲而展开,兜里始终揣着几块儿石头。辽阔的草原,高山雪水汇成的小溪,零星散落的牦牛群,点缀着这片美丽的土地。途径海子山垭口4685米,是目前位置我们翻过的最高海拔的一座垭口。国营牧场到石渠的路程较长,途经拉拉山口(4430米)及雷达山(4229米),好在80%左右的时间我们都有顺风相伴时速基本保持在40-45km/h,但最后22km的逆风基本消耗了我们保留的所有能量。到达目的地就两件人生大事,吃饭,休息。在石渠也很荣幸和敬仰多年的好兄弟相聚,你是全石渠最有范儿的人(Like a boss)。

Abu, the rockstar

When passing through A Xu, a motorbike with three nomad teens rode past by us. Their voice is loud enough to hear them singing a song from the 90s. A song about brotherhood, I believe they will be each other's BFF for lifelong.

经过阿须的路上,三位牧民少年骑着摩托车飞驰而过,嘹亮的嗓音唱着"他说风雨中,这点儿痛算什么..." 似乎看到了三个火枪手彼此有你有我的好汉情义,他们很有可能是一辈子的好朋友吧。

BamAbu, Basking

Cities Covered

Ma Ni Gan Ge to Guo Ying Mu Chang

Guo Ying Mu Chang to Shi Qu

Travel tips

Dogs on plateau aren't pets, sometime they will come after you with no reasons. picking up a rock throw at them (or even just the postures) usually would get them keep an good distance from you.




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