Preparation for Debut at Paris Men's Fashion Week 2018

Preparation for Debut at Paris Men's Fashion Week 2018

June 03, 2018 0 Comments

This June, Simple Bikes is going to showcase our bicycles at Paris Men's Fashion Week 2018! We call this a golden opportunity blessed by a partner who saw a potential in our products.

Some Key Highlights for this Event

Two new models of city bikes are launched for this event: Vintage Road and Paris.



Vintage Road


Tuah BMX will also be showcased at Paris Fashion Week 2018

Tuah BMX


Campaign strategies were discussed with a lucky draw to be included!


Website was given a refreshing look

Showroom designs are going through design iterations. We pray for the best!


Brochures are being designed.


A few bikes are shipped to Paris ahead of time for photoshoots


An engagement with ErgengTV media for our video. Watch the video here


June 21st to 28th, Paris, See ya!

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