If You Have a Road Bike

If You Have a Road Bike

May 06, 2016 0 Comments

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If you have a road bike, come ride from Rilong Town to Bamei, the route is simply beautiful. We got used to get up early not because we can't sleep in but due to chilly mornings, we want to warm up our body like the engine of a Land Cruiser.You know it is going to take you somewhere amazing.


Riding Smoothly

Total riding distance 130km from RiLong to Dawei to "Zuo Fo Shan Zhuang" a homestay laid deep inside the valley. Tomorrow, we will then head to Bamei. Scenery along the road is just breathtaking beyond words. Gentle sunshine, from the highland farm land to the valley forest we had some good fun.


Going strong

BamAbu is doing great, we have introduced too much about him these past few days, just realised deep inside he is also a shy boy, cant take too much admiring eyes/words.
Let the pretty pictures tell you how sweet he is. Sending his greetings, wish you a pleasant evening.

BamAbu 很好,这几天一直介绍他然而并不知道他也是个害羞的BOY,带给大家晚安,希望你今晚睡的和我一样好。

Chief Navigator

Seashells along the road

Cities Covered

RiLong Town to Bamei

Travel Tips
"Zuo Fo Shan Zhuang" is a must stay place for most cyclist before a 3900m pass next day. Contact "Xi Rao La Mu" @ 13568676169


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