After The Rainstorm

After The Rainstorm

May 08, 2016 0 Comments


Leaving Bamei Town, heading west to our next destination is a 79Km ride, we are still in the Daofu County. After a 3960m pass is a 36km descending with a 960m elevation drop. Not long after we left the pass, clouds are gathering and a storm is waiting. Our hopes for a warm, bright and blue sky is far down the valley, where we are going to spend a night there. As we ride, strong winds kept coming from the left side of the road. In order to keep balance, most of the time we kept ourselves at a 85 angle leaning towards our left. Couple hours of battling with the storm, we arrived! Hot shower and some warm sunshine revealed our deepest appreciation.



BamAbu, when descending at a high speed today rear tire had a bit of interference (friction) with the chainstay. Analysis : when going through a very bumpy section of road at a high speed, it has a big impact and pressure on rims which causes deformation of the rims which then lead to the tire interfering with the chainstay. A few were adjustment made to get it back to normal. Lessons learnt : for building touring bike frames, we should allow more clearance between tire and chain stay so that even when there is a slight rim deformation, it will not affect the whole riding experience.

BamAbu, 在今天极速下行的时候后轮出现了与后方车架少许摩擦的情况,分析原因,下坡过程中快速通过比较坑洼的路段对车圈的压力过大导致后轮圈稍微有些变形从而使轮(外)胎与车架后方干涉,适当调整后得以修复。对制作车架建议,在后方车架处给轮胎留出更多的通过空间,以便即使车圈稍微变形的情况下,不产生摩擦仍可正常运行。

Bamboo Village

Cities Covered

Daofu County

Travel Tips

We are getting into a higher altitude. Drink lots of water, slow your pace down and let your body adapt to high attitude during the nex 2-3 days.


高反使得很多想来高原的朋友不得不多加思考到底要不要来, 做好以下两点能帮助你很好的适应高原气候。a,多喝水 b,放慢行动节奏,两三天后待身体慢慢适应后恢复可逐渐恢复运动节奏。

Finally, Rest!

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