4th May 2016 - It Might be the Worst Bumpy Road

Abu Ren

Riding Together

Yingxiu to Dengsheng, 1900m elevation gained in 79km. Seems that large amount of our sweat is destined to be left in this valley. The first 20km was one of the worst bumpy roads in western Sichuan. My hands literally had bruise after battling with this road surface.


Dusty Gears

BamAbu was covered with dust like a young fella who haven't shaved for years. Lighter frame and 700c wheel definitely helped with my speed when it was bouncing on this kind of road condition. Thank BamAbu that my hands wasn't more swollen if the frame itself wasn't acting like a shock absorber. I started to love BamAbu even more. The beauty not only lies on its natural material, but also in its natural suspension which does not compromise on rigidity. 

BamAbu 也在这漫天尘土中被厚厚的打上了一层粉,面对颠簸路面,车子本身重量凸显了它相当不错的优势,没有哪次是大起大落的重摔,700c的车圈也让BamAbu轻巧应对大部分低洼。就竹子本身的韧性而言,虽然没有Fox减震效果那般明显,但可以感觉到与同行金属架的区别。脑补下整个车架集强度和韧性与一身的减震器,一下子觉得天然材料怎么就这么低调奢华呐。

Bike vs Truck

Bike Repair

From this session onwards, we will be sharing some travel tips on and off! Be savvy to check on the net for some of the cities we biked through! 

Cities Covered

YingXiu to Dengsheng

Travel Tip
Dengsheng Foresty Bureau is now open their dorm for traveller. (We were planning to camp today.)


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