17th May 2016 - Beautiful & Amazing Teammate


Long Bao (4300m) to Zhido (4200m), another over 100 km ride today for our riders. The first 12 km is a steep ascending to a pass at 4797m elevation, so far the highest. 98km of gentle rolling road took us to a city of fairy tale (quote from John), we would never picture a city this big in a place like this. After couple days riding in the rain and snow today we finally got our good weather back.


Yaks in the fields


16th May 2016 - Sweetest Smile

Sweet Smile

Yu Shu (3700m) to Long Bao Village (4300m), a distance of 80km with gentle uphills. Today, our riders experienced multiple weather conditions, started off with drizzles in the morning upon departure from Yu Shu, then, 20Km down the road it started to snow.

We managed to find a spot for our picnic lunch and after lunch, the sun began to appear slowly. We had a good 20 mins of sunlight and a heavy snow storm hit us out of nowhere. Strong wind in this valley with heavy clouds upon the pass, not a good day to camp.


14th & 15th May 2016 - A Ride in Snow

Riding in Snow

Shi Qu to Yu Shu, within this 147km distance we have two big passes to climb, one of them is so far the highest we have been on, "An Ba La" elevation, 4700m. There is a huge temperature drop last night in this area, it starts to snowing around midnight, strong wind. After a hearty breakfast we started our journey.

石渠(4200m)到玉树(3700m)全长147km, 途经两座垭口,其中安巴拉垭口是迄今为止我们翻越的海拔最高的一座(4700米)。昨晚石渠温度骤降,半夜下起了大雪,清晨起来的时候还没有要停的意思,远看垭口依旧乌云密布当下最想做的事情可能就是躺下再睡一觉吧,但是并没有用,包裹几圈穿的像个企鹅一样就这么出发了。

Yaks in Snow

When climbing the first pass, there is a nomad guy coming behind me on a motorbike, his curiosity...

13th May - Two Days Without a Signal


Last couple of days, we were riding in a section where there is neither wifi nor even a cell signal. After over 200km of riding we arrived one of the highest county in the world, "Shi Qu".



12th May, we started off from Ma Ni Gan Ge to Guo Ying Mu Chang (89km), we switch from National Expressway G317 to S217. There is an obvious drop of traffic we didn't see much vehicles on S217. Road condition is absolutely fantastic with views of...

11th May 2016 - Never Ending Hills

Beautiful Villages

Following the National Expressway G317, we rode from Ganzi (3360m) to Ma Ni Gan Ge (3866m). This 98 km long road is one of the smoothest road I have ever ridden on. After a 4050m pass follows rolling hills that we thought it's never gonna end. Headwinds and climbing elevations is our main dish today.


National Expressway

Weather is great as usual, the bright sun accompanied us all the way. Very few villages in this vast valley, when passing through a mani pile...